Wooden Spacers

Wooden Spacers

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Our Wooden spacers are designed to give your Hiking Accessory or Zip an aesthetic appearance, each pack comes with two wooden spacers.

All Couloured Hiking Accessories handmade in the UK by our Team!

Begin Your Adventures

This is where your Adventure inspiration starts! Our Apex Hiking Accessories are here to be customized with all your memories and adventures to take with you on the go and to tell your story of where you have been and are heading. 

Show Your Accomplishments

Keep your proud achievements close to you on your adventures and face more fears

Gain Memories with loved ones

Travel around the UK with friends and family and keep your memories around your wrist.

Add your Outdoor experiences

Tick off your bucket list and grow your bracelet with places you have travelled to 


All our Apex Hiking Accessories are crafted with 4 lengths of nylon. The Bracelets are Woven in a King Kong Knot to give off an aesthetic appearance. 

The clasp and Ventures are made from stainless steel. All the components used to make our products are High quality, durable and able to withstand mountain conditions... making them adventure proof. 

Etched Logo

Our Company Logo has been carefully engrained into our Clasps In order to represent our purpose of getting people out adventuring. 

Where Have You Been?

There Are lots of ventures availible to collect and add to your bracelet of memeories.

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How It Comes

All your Hiking Accessories, Zips and ventures come in two separate sized velvet branded bags, That are deleivered in a small black box.


Product Care

Our Products are very durable however in order to keep them even longer lasting we advice you to follow these guidelines.

  • If Hiking Accessory or ventures get wet please dry them when possible and it is advised not to leave them wet overnight especially when they have been in sea water. The Products and ventures are water proof however overtime this may cause more ware than necessary.
  • When you go to attach or detach your Hiking Accessory please make sure you hold the loop so no ventures can fall off, It is also advised to do this in a place with a flat surface where no ventures could get lost.
  • The Products are made very well however try to avoid any unnecessary tugging on the nylon, this is because the Knot on the clasp could become loose. If this does happen it is not an issue as you can re-tie a simple knot around the clasp. If you are to Re tie the knot yourself please make sure you burn the ends of the Nylon and push them against the Knot, This will give it a wax seal and stop the Knot from coming loose.