Ice White

Ice White

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    24 Hours Cold

    Our Bottles are designed to keep your drinks ice cold for 24 Hours, This is due to the double-walled vacuum within the bottle, the high performance insulation enables you to able to go on an adventure on a hot summers day with an ice cold drink to refresh you for 24 hours.

    Stainless Steel

    High quality stainless steel is used to craft our bottles. Providing you with durability and style Whilst trekking in the mountains. Our bottles are so robust, you can be rest assured they can withstand any mountain range.

    12 Hours Hot

    The Apex Bottle is constructed with built in high thermal performance. This gives our bottles extreme heat insulating properties and provides you with Hot liquids for 12 Hours. You will no longer be phased when hiking on a sub zero mountain because we will have you covered.

    Leak Proof

    Our lids come equipped with a rubber O-ring which secures a tight seal around the bottle, Keeping air out and liquid in. This enables you to store your bottles in baggage with no worry's of spillages.

    Eco- Friendly

    Here at Apex we know the importance of being Eco friendly in this day and age, and this pushed us to getting the perfect bottles to suit this modern era. Owning one of our bottles will completely eliminate your use of plastic bottles and coffee cups. This will help decrease the amount of plastic used in the world and it will also help you save money, join us on our mission to an Eco- friendly future.


    The Venture bottle is extremely practical for adventure use due to all the bottles attributes, they are constructed using advanced double walled vacuum technology which provides insulation to liquids inside, Stainless steel is used to craft the bottles, this makes the bottle extremely lightweight and durable. The Bottles are equipped with a rubber seal tight o- ring that eliminates spillages. the Venture bottle is coated in a fine rubber coat to enhance grip potential when in use.


    Great Product and very fast shipping. Very professional throughout.

    Zac Stout

    Fantastic product,cant fault it! I've been using it now for a couple of days and it stays hot for a very long time! I cant recommend this product enough!

    Rob Mather
    Product Care

    To thoroughly clean your bottle it is advised that after use to fill the bottle with boiling water and add bicarbonate soda. It would be best to leave the bottle with contents in for a few hours before you rise out and use the bottle again. It is best to clean the bottle after use because if the bottle is not cleaned after use it can leave a smell. Do not put bottle in the dishwasher, this can damage the bottle and lose its insulating potential.

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