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Black Zip

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All Zips Are Handmade By The Apex International Team!

Begin Your Adventures

This is where your Adventure inspiration starts! Our Handmade Apex Zips are here to be customized with all your memories and adventures to take with you on the go and to tell your story of where you have been and are heading. 

Handmade in the Uk!

All of our zips are made to order in the UK by our team. Each zip is carfefully woven in a king kong Knot and then bounded onto our claps with a wax seal.

Show Your Accomplishments

Keep your proud achievements close to you on your adventures and face more fears. 

Gain Memories With Loved Ones

Travel around the UK with friends and family and keep your memories on all your adventures.

Add your Outdoor Experiences

Tick off your bucket list and grow your Zip with places you have travelled to.

Where are you heading?

There Are lots of ventures available to collect and add to your Zip of memories. 

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UK Ventures
What's your Experience?

There is a range of new Adventure spacers available to collect and add to your Zip.

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Custom Colours

Use your two favourite colours to personalize your own zip to your style.

There are a range of over 50+ combinations to choose from.

Blend into or stand out from your environment with your Custom Zip.

Size Guide

8cm 9cm 10cm
3 Ventures + 4 Spacers 4 Ventures + 5 Spacers 5 Ventures + 6 Spacers
Each zip is completely customizable and you can have any amount of ventures or spacers on your zip depending on the size. This Size Guide has been created to give you a rough idea of how many ventures and spacers will fit on your zip if you add the ventures and spacers evenly throughout the zip.
Zip Materials

All our Apex Zips are crafted with 4 lengths of nylon. The Zips are Woven in a King Kong Knot to give off an aesthetic appearance. 

The clasp and Ventures are made from stainless steel. All the components used to make our Zips are High quality, durable and able to withstand mountain conditions... making them adventure proof. 

Etched Logo

Our Company Logo has been carefully engrained into our Clasps In order to represent our purpose of getting people out adventuring.  

Ring Clasp

The ring clasp is designed to make adding ventures to your zip a lot easier. 

All ring clasps have our company name etched into them.

How It Comes

All your Zips and ventures come in two separate sized velvet branded bags, That are delivered in a small black box.