Guide to Climbing Snowdon

Climbing Snowdon - Introduction

If you are looking to Climb Snowdon then this is the Blog for You... This Blog on Snowdon have been provided to give you every bit of information you will need to know when climbing Snowdon.

Where is Snowdon?

Snowdon is a Mountain that is located in the Uk specifically Wales. Its found in the North West of Wales within the Snowdonia National Park, Snowdon is the second highest peak in the UK and the most popular Mountain in the UK.

Above is an image that locates where Snowdon is in the UK.  You can check on google Maps how long it will take you to get to Snowdon from your location.   

How Can I Get To Snowdon?

There are Many ways you can get to Snowdon, however it all depends on where you are based. if you live within the UK and are not immediately local to Snowdon the easiest option would be to drive. Below are the different transport options on how to get to the base of the mountain. 

- Car 

There are Many different Routes up Snowdon and depending on what route you take will give you a different parking location.  Below are the parking locations for each route.

Llanberis Car park LL55 4TU - This Car Park is for the Llanberis Path route.

Pen Y Pass Car Park LL55 4NU - This Car Park is for the Miners Track the Pyg Track and Crib Goch.

Pont Bethania Bridge Car Park LL55 4NR - This Car Park is for the Watkin Path Route.

Rhyd Ddu Car Park LL54 6TN - This Car Park is for the Rhyd Ddu Path.

Llyn Cwellyn Car Park LL54 7YT - This Car Park is for the Snowdon Ranger route.

- Train 

Getting to the base of Snowdon by train is quite difficult due to the amount Starting points when climbing Snowdon. The nearest Train station to Snowdon is the Snowdon Ranger Train station however this is not ideal if you want to do one of the routes that goes up the east side of the mountain. The ideal way to get to Snowdon via Train would be to terminate at Betws-y-Coed and get a Snowdon Sherpa Bus to your desired starting point. The Betws-y-Coed station is 10.9 Miles From Pen Y Pass.

The Snowdon Sherpa Bus stops at all the main Car Parks to climb Snowdon, If going by train please check the Snowdon Sherpa Bus  website.

- Plane

If you are coming from overseas you will most likely be travelling by Plane, it is suggested that you would land in either Birmingham (134 miles) or Liverpool (79.5 miles) From there will will be able to catch a Train or a coach to the immidate area.

How High IS Snowdon?


Snowdon is the Highest Mountain in Wales and the second Highest mountain in the UK standing at 1085m (3,560 ft). Snowdons parent mountain is Ben Nevis located within the Scottish Highlands.

How Long Does It Take To Walk Up And Down Snowdon?

The time it will take you to climb Snowdon will vary depending on your level of fitness and which route you decide to take up the mountain.

Llanberis Path

Distance -  14.5Km / 9 miles 

Time - 5 - 7 hours on average it will take 4 hours on the way up and 3 on the way down. 

Ascent - 975m

Miners Track

Distance -  12.9Km / 8 miles 

Total Climb - 5 - 7 hours on average it will take 4 hours on the way up and 2 on the way down.

Ascent -  723m

Watkins Path

Distance - 12.9Km8 miles 

Time - 5 - 7 hours on average it takes 4 hours on the way up and 2 hours on the way down.

Ascent - 1,015m

Pyg Track

Distance - 11.3Km / 7 miles 

Time - 5 - 7 hours on average it will take 4 hours on the way up and 2 on the way down.

Ascent - 723m 

Rhyd Ddu Path

Distance -  13.7Km / 8.5 miles

Time - 5- 7 hours on average it takes 4 hours on the way up and 2 hours on the way down.

Ascent -  895m

Crib Goch

Distance - 5.6Km / 3.5 Miles 

Ascent - 4 - 6 hours on average it takes 5 hours to reach the summit, you woul normally take the miners track down or do the Snowdon horseshoe.

Ascent - 852m 

Snowdon Ranger

Distance - 12.9Km 8 miles 

Time -  5 - 7 hours on average it takes 4 hours on the way up and 2 hours on the way down.

Ascent -  Approx 6 hours

How Many Routes are there up Snowdon?

There are 7 main routes up Snowdon each of them with varied distance and difficulties, below are the stages of each route.

.Llanberis Path Route

The Llanberis Path up Snowdon has to be the most popular and easiest route to the summit of Snowdon. In normal conditons, it poses no problems for the fit walker, with even the navigation being reasonably easy. On a fine day, you’ll be able to follow the crowds of people who have also decided to follow the Llanberis Path

Stage 1

The Llanberis Path starts at the Llanberis car park, head The initial climb is arguably one of the steepest parts of the whole trip, at the top of the hill, Keep on the minor road, which twists and turns, through a gate and past some modern barns. Very soon after, there’s a footpath marker stone to your left that states Snowdon Summit (after around 1.5Km). 

Stage 2

The Llanberis Path winds its way steadily uphill, you will then reach another gate with the Summit in view, From the gate, the path levels out as it crosses a flattish area of moorland for around 1km. You will soon pass under the railway, at this point you will now be just over the 3km mark, and about 450m up. 

Stage 3

You will eventually reach a house, this will be the half way point. Keep going on the wide and gently angled path for another 1Km, you will come to discover the views ahead of Clogwyn Du’r Arddu also known as Cloggy among climbers.

Stage 4

The next part of of the route is a hard Kilometer ahead and over 250m of climbing! Allt Moses starts off as giant steps, but deteriorates further up into a rougher path. The path continues to pull up steeply, before eventually levelling out. 

Stage 5

The path here is wide and easy, but if you take a look at the slope on either side you realise how steep the slope would otherwise be. This is the black spot in winter known as the Killer Convex. There’s now under 100m of climbing and only half a Kilometer of walking to the summit! 

Stage 6

It does get busier here as you join the Snowdon Ranger, PYG track and Miner’s Track towards the summit. The path continues along the wide ridge shared by the railway. The path then turns to smooth wide steps as you reach the building and the summit is just a few dozen steps away.