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This Blog has been provided for our website users to help give valuable information on preparation to climbing Ben Nevis and to also give advice to those who are thinking of making the climb. I have started off this Blog with our personal story of climbing Ben Nevis from start to finished and then throughout the rest of the page there are various topics associated with climbing Ben Nevis. I hope you enjoy this blog and you get all the information you need from it.



Our Story - Climbing Ben Nevis

Me and Emily climbed Ben Nevis on the 3rd of September 2018. Now we have done a lot of adventurous activities since climbing Ben Nevis but the reason why i have chose to write about our Ben Nevis experience first is because it was what inspired me to create Apex.International. The day we got back from Scotland i knew that i wanted to start a company that aided people like me who are so passionate about travelling and exploring.

So on with our story...

We arrived at the Ben Nevis visitor centre at 12.00pm to embark our journey, we came fairly late in the day as we were driving from Loch Lomond through the highlands to Ben Nevis, we had never been to Scotland before and we wanted to take our time on the road to take in the surroundings. The whole day we had serene blue skies and we wanted to make the most of the journey.

I do not particularly like climbing in the heat so i usually would try to avoid nice sunny days, however due to the fact we were climbing in September the temperature was quite cool especially at the top, we could not have asked for better climbing conditions we had clear sky and a cool breeze.

When we began our climb at 12.00am we knew full well that it would get dark at around 8.00pm however we never thought it would take that long to climb and we went at a real leisurely pace stopping and taking photos every 20 minutes or so.

As we were climbing we kept assuming the top was pretty much just over the highest point we could see during most the walk and i was thinking it would not take long to get there. When we reached the waterfall at 4.00pm we found out that we had yet another hour and a half climb and that most people were heading back down the mountain we realised that very few people were behind us.

We reached the top at around 5.00pm and it was extremely quiet at the top, we saw little to no people. We stayed at the top for half and hour to look around and take pictures unlike most mountains the summit of Ben Nevis is fairly flat and vast its not as if it is just on a point. therefore there was reason for us to stay at the top for a while. We started heading down at 5.30pm the temperature started to drop and the sun started to set. By the time we got to the waterfall we had an amazing sunset, we did take a fairly long time to get to the waterfall from the top and this is because the path is a lot less distinctive near the top and due to the fact there was nobody around we could not find the designated route down and had to end up climbing down rocks all the way to the waterfall.

As mentioned above this did pay off due to the phenomenal sunset we got reflecting off the highland mountains, the weather, day and timing were perfect for this and we seemed to be the only people on the mountain at this time.

We finally reached the base of the mountain back in the visitors car park at 8.00pm and by this time it was completely dark.



Ben Nevis Weather

The weather conditions on Ben Nevis will vary depending on what time of year you go to make the climb, The weather could also drastically change during one day and this is because mountain ranges usual create there own forecast. Mountains can affect the climate of nearby lands. In some areas, mountains block rain, so that one side of a mountain range may be rainy and the other side may be a dry and arid. ... As air is forced over higher ground, it cools, causing moisture to condense and fall as rain. Therefore always check the weather forecast of the mountain range and not the surrounding area before a climb.

Although the weather may chop and change, Ben Nevis Does get hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, i created a table with information that i gathered on the average temperature of each month on Ben Nevis. The top row being the highest average temperature and the bottom being the lowest.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun













Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec














As you can see from the table above even during the summer it will still be cold at the top of the mountain, do not let the ground temperature deceive


As you can see from the table above even during the summer it will still be cold at the top of the mountain, do not let the ground temperature deceive you, although you may be walking up the mountain and getting hot it is still best to bring a jumper even on a hot summers day.  

If you are going to climb Ben Nevis in the winter the weather conditions will be a lot worse, and as you can see from the table some months there will almost defiently be snow so be prepared to take warm clothes and good walking boots during these times.

Although you may have an idea of roughly what the weather will be like on Ben Nevis from reading this i would highly recommend looking up the weather and temperature for the dates you are going so that you can pack accordingly. The Ben Nevis Met Office is the place i would recommend to search for this information.


Ben Nevis Walking conditions

Regardless of the weather conditions it is always advised to where good walking boots to climb Ben Nevis this is due to the rocky terrain on the mountain. Good walking boots will provide you with grip and ankle protection, this will help you reduce any trips on your climb. The paths to the top of the Mountain can be unsturdy and dangerous even the easiest paths. The most popular route up to the mountain is from the visitors center to the summit and then back down the same way. Below i have shared the google maps area for Ben Nevis so you are able to see clearly which route you will be taking.



Around Half way up the mountain the terrain starts to change, the first half of the Mountain the rocks are placed as steps during the climb as you get higher up the mountain the rocks get smaller and are loose this is where most people will trip. Below i have two images from my journey to the top of Ben Nevis that shows the walking conditions you will be up against.



This is the path that guides you up to roughly the half way point of Ben Nevis as mentioned above the rocks have been placed like steps to help you up the mountain, The steepness vary's during the first half but on average the image above is the incline you will be climbing for your first 650m or so. bare in mind that from when you start your hike from the visitors centre the ground is fairly normal due to being very near ground level, once you get past the Ben Nevis inn is where the gradual climb begins. The walking conditions on this path are fairly easy as long as you watch your footings when climbing to reduce risk of trips.



This path shown here is what the last part of the main Ben Nevis route looks like as you can see above there are a lot of loose rocks and the path is less distinctive therefore be certain you know how to get back down if the weather conditions do get bad. I was lucky enough to climb Ben Nevis on a good day and capture the view in the back ground, most days it will be unlikely that visibility will be as clear as this. This second section is the steepest part of the mountain, if you are to look to the top right hand side of image above you will see the path disappear off the horizon, just behind this is the steepest part of the mountain you can identify this as the zig zag area on google maps. In this image i am facing the way down the mountain so by this time we had already climbed the steep section and are near the summit. Walking conditions are worse nearer the top of Ben Nevis.



Best Month To Climb Ben Nevis

The Best month to climb Ben Nevis depends on what you would like to experience when climbing the mountain. Im sure that most people would not like rain when climbing but on the other hand would want a bit of a challenge and climb in the snow and in which case would want to go in the winter. Whereas a lot of people might want a nice hot day etc... the point is there is no best all round month to go unless you know what weather you are after. I went in early September and manged to get a lovely sunset however i would love to go back and climb Ben Nevis in the snow therefore from November to February would be my ideal time to go. If you are looking for  specific weather conditions i would recommend going to the Ben Nevis met office and checking before you go for your climb This should give you an insight to what the temperature will be like on specific days and what the weather will be like, above i have a year round temperature chart if your looking for a rough idea, however this chart is based on the temperature on top of Ben Nevis.

If you are looking to climb the mountain at certain time i have made a table on The Best Time To Climb Ben Nevis section, this table can also guide you on the sunrise and set times throughout the months again this is just and average i would still recommend checking this as well before planning your trip. with all the information provided this will be enough to help in making a decision on when to climb Ben Nevis.

your trip. with all the information provided this will be enough to help in making a decision on when to climb Ben Nevis.



Ben Nevis Walking Routes

There are two walking routes up to Ben Nevis and various routes around Ben Nevis that do not go to the summit, therefore i will not include these walks into this section.

As i mentioned above the main route up to Ben Nevis is the one starting from the visitors centre and following the route up from there, it is the easiest route and is very achievable. This walk is called the mountain track. If you are to look above to the Ben Nevis Walking Conditions section you will see two images, these images are from the Mountain track walk.

The much harder route of the two is the route to Ben Nevis via the Carn Mor Dearg Arete and this is because of the long ridge you have to go across to reach the summit of Ben Nevis, to do this summit i would suggest that you have  a little bit of mountain experience. This is the ridge below.



The Mountain Track

This route starts at the Ben Nevis visitors centre, you start by crossing the bridge and then following the clear route up to the lake. you will then bare right and follow the route all the way to the top of the mountain. Once you have reached the summit you can follow the same route down to the visitors centre. This is a simple route and very easy to navigate around.



This route is 10.2 Miles long, there is a step by step detailed guide at


Ben Nevis via the Carn Mor Dearg Arete

For this route you will start in the north face car park (PH33 6SR) and follow the route up to the top of Carn Mor Dearg Arete.



From the top of Carn Mor Dearg Arete you will walk across the ridge to the summit of Ben Nevis.



From the top of Ben Nevis there are two ways down, you can head half way down to the lake and turn right back down the original route to the car park. Or you can take the mountain track route back down to the Ben Nevis visitors centre then across into the town centre and back to the car back.

Alternatively you can head back the way you came.



This route is challenging and spectacular, it would be best to do this route on a clear day to avoid get lost or injured and to enjoy the amazing views. this route is a total of 16 miles long. There is a step to step detailed guide to this route at



Height Of Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is the tallest mountain in the UK standing at 1345m here are some images from the top of the mountain.




How Long To Climb Ben Nevis

The time it will take you to climb Ben Nevis will vary depending on your level of fitness, if you are going to under take the climb via the mountain track route it will take you on average 4 hours to get to the summit and 3 hours to get back to the visitors centre so in total you will be looking at roughly a 7 hour hike. If you are to undertake the route to Ben Nevis via Carn Mor Dearg Arete it will take approx 4.5 hours to climb and 4.5 hours for the decent due to the longer path on the way down.



Best Time To Climb Ben Nevis

Below is a table i created of the sunrise and sunset times during the year from information i gathered, underneath the sunrise and sunset times is the amount of daylight you will roughly get during this month. This table is just the average times during the month for example you will get a bit more daylight at the beginning of October than the end of October. Generally it would be best to climb early in the morning maybe an hour or two after sunrise just to make sure you are not climbing down in the dark, however some people may want to see the sunrise at the top of Ben Nevis and therefore they will want to start climbing considerably early. Personally i started the climb at 12.00 in September and got an amazing sunset on the way down, this only happend due to my research on the weather conditions, times it took to climb and sunset time of the day i climbed. With all the information on this blog you should be able to work everything out yourself to get the best experience when climbing and to get a more in depth outlook on the conditions i would always recommed looking on google on the specific date you will be going so you can prepare.


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun











21 30 


7h 40

9h 45

12h 05

14h 45

16h 20 

17h 35

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec













17 h 5

15h 20

12h 45 

11 h 40 

7h 55

7h 00


Where Is Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is a Mountain that is located in the Uk specifically Scotland. Its found in the mid west section of Scotland within the Highlands by Fort William. you are able to look in further detail on the google maps link i have added in the Ben Nevis Walking Conditions section.

Below is an image that locates where Ben Nevis is in the Uk.