About us


The Idea

Apex International was founded by myself (Leon) on the 3rd September 2018, This was the day i climbed the UK,s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. This day was made even more special due to it being my birthday.

Prior to this i had some experience in creating websites, i enjoyed creating new things and learning skills however the one thing i struggled with when creating websites was finding a hobby i was extremely passionate about and one i wanted to dedicate my career towards.

I had always been into hiking since i was a child, however for a long period of my life i did not get out and explore the best hiking locations in the UK. This was mainly due to me being based down south and not really knowing what i was missing out on. I decided to go for it and get out there on my birthday and i thought the best way to properly start was by climbing the Highest mountain in the UK and so off i went to Scotland. Everything about the trip was amazing and i knew i now had a strong purpose and something i wanted to dedicate my life to.

I have always loved the idea of collecting things from memorable places i have been to, above that i love having a purpose and something to work towards and i believe everyone else does. These two things are the reasons why i created the Hiking zips so that you and i can collect the places, memories and achievements of where we have been and what we have done and keep them with us on all of our adventures.

The Purpose

My purpose in creating this company is to help more people get out and go on more adventures and create a community that will bring all fellow hikers together.