About us

The purpose

Our purpose here at Apex.International is to motivate Every hiking enthusiast to adventure and travel more and to reach new feats and conquer their fears. This is why we created out Apex Bracelets. Every time you accomplish a hiking task from reaching a new summit to facing your fears and completing that ridge route you have always feared you will be able to add that specific venture bead to your collection and keep it as a memory on all of your travels, and remind yourself that you can achieve what you set your mind to.

We provide high quality thermal Hiking bottles to help you achieve these feats when conquering a mountain, all of our hiking bottles are Eco- Friendly because as well as enjoying the planet we wanted to save it as well and you can help us do just that by using reusable bottles to help you on your hikes.   


The Idea

Apex.international was founded in September 2018 by myself after i had discovered my love for adventure and travel on the day of my birthday when i ventured to climb Ben Nevis. On this day i decided that i wanted to travel around the UK and the world and discover more of the world.

When we finished our travels around Scotland i knew i wanted to aid people like me when hiking around the world and on that day Apex.international was born.