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Welcome to Apex International!

Our Main Goal As A Company Is To Get People Outdoors And Maximise Their Hiking Experience.

With Our Hiking Ventures You Can Keep Collecting Your Experiences And Them To Your Handmade Zips To Take With You On Your Hikes.

Apex Zips

Do you crave that feeling of freedom? Commit to your adventures, reward yourself the experience and Tell your story with your Apex zips and Ventures.

A simple Aesthetic design that will brighten up your adventures and remind you what you have achieved and where you are heading.

Available in a range of colours for a range of adventures!

Handmade in the UK

All of our zips are made to order in the UK by our team. Each zip is carfefully woven in a king kong Knot and then bounded onto our clasps with a wax seal. 

Quality Materials

We use the best components to craft our zips, stainless steel is used to make both clasps and durable nylon is used to bound the zip together, making this product all round adventure proof.

Clip On Clip Off

Easy to use and easy to adjust, clip the lobster clasp onto your bag. To add ventures  simply unclip ring clasp - add ventures - then clip back on.

Range of Colours

Brighten up your backpack and choose from a variety of colours to suit your next adventure.

The Apex Bottle

Apex international was created for people who love to adventure. We created our thermal water bottles to aid people on their journey to hike around the Uk. We wanted to be unique with our design and with our purpose. We had in mind when creating our products that as well as enjoying our planet we wanted to save the planet at the same time during all our adventures, and we created our reusable bottles to do just that.


Fantastic product,cant fault it! I've been using it now for a couple of days and it stays hot for a very long time! I cant recommend this product enough!

Rob Mather

 It performed amazing in pretty crazy conditions

Hayley Hudson

Love this bottle, keeps my water cold, fits perfectly in my camera bag and the top is easy to take off with my gloves on.

Jonny Keeley

Very nice! They do exactly as described. Like the rubberished outer, good aesthetically and good for grip too!

Andy Taylor

Great Product and very fast shipping. Very professional throughout.

Zac Stout

enjoyed some hot blackcurrent on top of Blencathra and was still hot for hours after we got down. it did the job it was supposed to! very pleased 

Laura Thomson

Thermal Bottle Features


All of our products have been well developed and carefully analyzed how they look and perform. We were determined to match the style with the bottles practicality and the outcome was our Apex bottle design. It is crafted in most aesthetic and ergonomic way providing comfort and extreme style. You can enjoy using this bottle anywhere, whether you are on a hike or in an office your Apex bottle will fit into your environment.


We all know the importance of being Eco- friendly in this day and age, and this pushed us to getting the perfect bottles to suit this modern era. Owning one of our bottles will completely eliminate your use of plastic bottles and coffee cups this is because our bottles are reusable. This will help decrease the amount of plastic used in the world and it will also help you save money, instead of buying loads of bottles just buy one and refill it.

12 Hours Hot

We all know the pain of being bitterly cold when out on an adventure, with our Apex designs this will happen no longer due to the 12 hour heat performance of our products.

Stainless Steel

High quality 304 stainless steel is used to craft our bottles and flasks. Providing you with durability and style, now these are two combinations you cant turn down.

24 Hours Cold

Our Bottles and flasks and designed to keep your drink ice cold for 24, which means you are now able to go on a hot summers adventure without the hassle of overheating.